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We offer comprehensive cloud accounting services that are tailored to your business needs

Cloud accounting application

Our accounting application is the best in terms of ease of use, improving business performance, and simplifying accounting operations.


Our application synchronizes with your accounting system and can work both online and offline. It optimizes point-of-sale and sales management, ultimately enhancing overall business management.

Auditing services and review offices

We offer the best deals through our network of auditing and accounting firms.

Accounting services for small and emerging companies

We provide accounting services and modern technologies that enable sustainable growth and financial success.

Tailored accounting services for medium-sized companies.

A Comprehensive Guide for Medium-Sized Businesses on How to Save Costs and Enhance Your Company's Financial Performance.

Accounting data entry

How to Efficiently and Securely Obtain Remote Accounting Data Entry Services: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Your Company's Accounting Performance.

Inventory monitoring and control

Interim and annual inventory services Inventory data analysis Resource protection solutions

Financial data analysis

Our services provide valuable information for decision-making and help you anticipate the future success or failure of your company.

An entire team is dedicated to working for you

Our integrated team of professional accountants is dedicated to working for you, enabling you to save up to 60% of the costs of hiring individual accountants.

Reports preparation
Cost control
Inventory control

We have more than one Payment Gateway

With Itqan, choose from different payment gateways.. Mada - SADAD - K-NET، Visa ، Master Card

We guarantee 100% secure payment processing.
GCC Cards
Immediate activation upon payment

Easy to use

Etqan allows you to easily manage your business and access real-time information on your revenues, costs, and profits from anywhere in the world through a seamless and user-friendly web interface.

We guarantee the confidentiality and security of your business data and information, while also protecting your contractual rights when working with us.


Accountants trust us