Itqan Cloud Platform

The largest cloud accounting Application

We provide an all-in-one cloud accounting solution, along with integrated accounting, financial, and advisory services to support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Our program also offers the option to connect with certified accountants accredited by the Kuwaiti Association of Accountants and Auditors, as well as specialized accountants, to further streamline your business operations.

Why chooseITQAN

Itqan platform serves as a bridge between project owners, establishments, and remote accountants with varying levels of experience. Our platform ensures confidentiality and security for our clients by having both parties sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Competitive price

Our goal is to offer our customers the same high-quality and comprehensive services in the cloud as we do in traditional networks, but at competitive prices that align with the current digital market. This allows us to meet our customers' needs while delivering the highest value of service.

Accounting consulting

We guarantee high experience in this field and comprehensive solutions that match customer needs.

Daily support during the week

We offer daily support during the workweek to ensure that our customers' needs are promptly met.

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